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Knowing how to knit really is badass…. Trust me I know!! I knit all day, everyday! But, it wasn’t always like this…I had zero crafting skills, and I barely knew what yarn was.

I had a lot trouble learning to knit, I was clumsy, awkward and was really really close to giving up!! Now, that I’m more than 7 years in, I am so happy I stuck with knitting. It has become my passion, my lifeline and my very favourite thing to do while watching netflix, Knitting has helped me so much, with anxiety, depression, and grief. I have gained so much confidence in myself since I learned to knit because I was able to create something with my own hands.

Nothing, beats the feeling of knowing you just knit that hat you are wearing. Theres a sense of pride and accomplishment  that come with that.

That feeling of peace and confidence is what keeps me knitting. I get to be creative, and that honours my soul’s craving. Yes, I make really badass scarves, hats and slippers but, I get so much more out of it. The me from 7 years ago had no idea she was amazing gift she was about to give herself. If I could go back, I would tell that younger version of me not to be insecure, worried or stressed. That her awkwardness was a gift and she’s gonna grow up to be one BAD ASS KNITTER.

That’s why I create this course. I wanna teach people just like me. Those who are  a little weird, awkward, creative and imperfect. If your willing to learn and want to see what knitting can offer them, if want to learn at home wearing you comfiest PJs then this is your course. You are meant to be a bad ass knitter.


Here is basic outline of what you will learn. Although, being the bad ass teacher I am, It may vary from this slightly if feel I need to add or expand on a topic to help you.

  • What is Knitting?
  • A very very very brief history of knitting.
  • Types of Yarn
  • Types of Needles
  • How to read a Yarn Label
  • Knitting VS Crochet
  • Learning to Cast on
  • The Knit stitch
  • The Purl Stitch
  • Binding off
  • Practice Makes Perfect Scarf pattern.

Knitting 101 is for the true beginner who wants to try something new! No previous skills are required. But, if you want to brush up on your skills, get clarity on trouble spots there is a lot for you to learn from this course.

You can expect lots of pictures, videos, examples and exercises to help you fully understand all concepts.

The course includes :

A digital textbook in PDF format.

Tons of training videos.

Access to a private FB group where you can interact with other Students.

A weekly and exclusive FB live broadcast where you can ask any questions and get additional help.
Support from me via Facebook messenger or email.

You will also get any future updates to any patterns or course material.

Knitting 101 can be worked at your own pace ( there isn’t any deadlines) but, there will be new trainings released as we go through the course. AND you have access to this course as long as you like.

It is laid back and fun enviroment but it will be packed with a ton of info and support!


The  Upgraded Knitting 101  includes the Gift Package and get the following in addition to the course:

  • A personalized gift certificate and information package about knitting 101.
  • 16″ Circular Knitting needles US size 8 (5 mm)
  • Bulky weight yarn in Bernat Sofftee Chunky in colour of your choice.
  • Blunt end yarn needle
  • Gift wrapped
  • Free Shipping worldwide

This is the supplies required for the learning portion of the course!  This upgrade gets you all you need to get started.

To purchase you the add to cart button on this page and completing your payment details. Once your payment is confirmed , I will personally send a welcome email to PayPal address provided( within 24 hours of received payment)   to get customization requirements including recipient name and colour choice for yarn. The information package will include all steps for them to enrol in the course. Shipping of non-digital products will be with 2 weeks of purchase and will be send to the address provided.

For any additional questions please email me (Ashlee) at




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