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Knitting University

My goal as a knitter, teacher and designer is to share the joy, creativity and excitement of knitting with as many people as possible!

Smashlee Stitches is exactly that. It is where I share my passion for yarn and all things knitting. Over my years of knitting and running my Facebook page, I have learned not only a lot about the skills of knitting but, also about selling, designing, patterns and creating an online knitting business.

Photography by Joy Segovia

I am now branching out to sharing all of this knowledge with you guys through teaching, and that’s why I created Knitting University. Originally Knitting University was set out to be strictly digital courses but, now I am so excited to announce an exclusive monthly subscription group as well!

Here’s all the details:

  • access to a closed Facebook group thats fun, creative and a place to expand and share your skills.
  • A Daily Stitch Post – each day I will share a new stitch combination with you guys complete with written instructions and photos . Its a great way to practice swatching and expand your skills.
  • One training video a week to teach a different knitting, designing or business skill customized to the members of the group.
  • A Facebook Live each week that is private to the group where I answer any knitting/designing/selling related questions or problems you might have.
  • A great place to share, show off and get help with your knitting projects, patterns and businesses.
  • Discounts for current and upcoming Knitting University modules, original Smashlee Stitches Patterns and courses.

AND….it’s only $11.11 CAN a month

Once you hit the subscribe button you will be charged monthly for access to the group. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Reviews from Smashlee on Demand Members

This group has really changed my knitting game. I knew the basics and have always wanted to get better at the craft. But I never thought I had the time. This group teaches you new skills in little bits. Have 5 mins? Then learn a new skill. Not daunting at all. I also love the way we, as members, dictate the content of the lessons and posts. Want to learn to design? To fair isle knit? To cable knit? All you have to do is ask and Ashley makes it happen! The support of the members of the group is amazing! They help me keep on track by being accountable for reaching my project goals. I’ve never been so productive as since I’ve joined this group. So if you want to learn new skills, have an extremely knowledgable knitting teacher at your finger tips answering all your questions and the support of fabulous people then Smashlee On Demand is for you!Bella G.


I am so excited to welcome you to the Knitting University Subscription Group!

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions at

Happy Knitting



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